Herb Consultation

Herb consultations for health and wellness are available by herbalist Lisa Ray. If you are looking for ways to empower yourself in your healing journey and overall wellness, an herb consultation may be just the thing to help you on your way. The consultation is designed to offer you a variety of tools and a deeper understanding of what options may be available to you.

Discovering nourishing foods, exercises, herbs, essential oils, and spiritual awareness are just some the tools you can choose to utilize in this process.  Helping you as you become fully informed as you make the best decisions for your individual situation are all part of of the healing process.

I am a life-long herbal student.  When I walk in the forest, mountains, and even down the street, I am looking for herbs.  My mind is busy thinking how and what an herb will do to help someone get well. Of course, I am a self-taught Herbalist, but I’ve also taken several courses is Herbalism.  I’ve given many consultations, and herbal classes in which has helped my clients and students achieve their goals.

I am an herbalist. Therefore, I do not practice medicine and do not diagnose or treat diseases or medical conditions. My services are not meant to substitute or replace those of a licensed physician.  Clients are advised to be under the care of a licensed physician wherever they reside.

My charge is $75.00 for a one-time online consultation.  After you have ordered your Herb Consultation below, I will email you a Personal Health Form for you to fill out and return.  The form is not your typical medical form, but you will find a few questions such as the medicines you take are the same.

I will then access your health concerns and conditions, and suggest an herb or herbal blend that may help you.  Your results will be emailed or mailed to you within a few days.

Have questions?  Please contact me using the form below.


Order Your Herb Consultation Here


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