Give-A-Way Leather Journal

Give-a-way Time!! We’re giving an herbal/flower journal or sketch book away.  Make it your special Materia Medica.

• Genuine Brown Leather Journal for use as Personal Diary, Scrapbook, Photo Album, Ledger, Drawing, etc .
• Height 8 inches ,width 6 inches
• 200 pages (counting both sides)
• Embossed Rose on front cover
• Handcrafted from Eco-Friendly Leather With Recycled Paper

Enter To Win Here at the pinned post and Like our page too!

Everyone is welcome to participate, One Entry Only. This is a simple giveaway, no requirements to enter. The way it will work is everyone will enter a sequential number. Example, just enter the next number in succession, 1,2,3, etc. It’s your responsibility to ensure that it’s correct. NO comments please, numbers only!


A duplicate number posting can happen when two people are entering at the same time, so be careful to review what you have entered. Correct if necessary.

IMPORTANT – Like does not enter your name in the drawing, you must comment the next number!

The winning number will be chosen using an online random number generator on Thursday, May 31 at (approx) 6:00 pm central time. The drawing will be posted here.


Good Luck!

While you’re waiting for the winner, please check out our new store!

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