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Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for medicine. – Ezekiel 47:12

Herbalism was once an important way of life.  Doctors were few and far between, so people, mostly women had to learn what herbs would help her family and friends when they were sick.

This knowledge was passed down to the next generation.  Sadly, this knowledge was almost forgotten due to modern medicine.

It’s so wonderful to know, that people, men and women alike, have again become interested in the old ways of herbalism.  Healing ourselves with herbs haDSC_0082s become the norm for everyday ailments.

Herbs are very important and interesting to me.  I am excited to teach you how to make herbal teas for colds, digestive issues, pain, and other ailments.  You can learn to make salves for insect bites, skin complaints, and wounds.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to make tinctures, cough syrups, infusions, and so many other herbal remedies.

I believe that God gave us all these wonderful plants to enjoy, but mostly to cure ourselves. There’s a cure for every illness growing out there somewhere, we just have to find it.

Stay well!


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