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Elder Flowers


Scientific Name:  Sambucus nigra
Common Names:  elder, mother elder, elderberries, elderflowers
Family:  Caprifoliaceae-Honeysuckle Family


  • sweat-inducing for fevers
  • encourage circulation, colds and flu
  • bronchial and upper-respiratory
  • allergy and hay fever
  • eye wash
  • tonsillitis and sore throat
  • mild laxative
  • rheumatism and gout
  • inflammation

The Elder, with its flat-topped masses of creamy-white, fragrant blossoms, followed by large dropping bunches of purplish-black, juicy berries, is a familiar object along roadsides, hedgerows, and open ditches along country roads.

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Cilantro or Coriander


Cilantro is an herb that is never available in dried form, since its pungent flavor and aroma seem to dissipate almost entirely when dried. Sometimes referred to as Spanish or Chinese parsley.  Fresh cilantro is becoming more widely available in produce markets.

Cilantro has a unique flavor and aroma that some savor and others dislike. It is used widely in Mexican, Indian and Asian cuisines. Cilantro adds an unusual zest to pinto bean stews, Spanish-style tomato sauces for enchiladas, tacos and the like, curried vegetable stews, and corn dishes such as corn-stuffed peppers.

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ChamomileScientific Name: Matricaria recutita
Common Names: German chamomile, Roman chamomile, wild chamomile
Family: Asteraceae-Daisy Family
Part Used: flower heads
Properties:  analgesic , anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-rheumatic, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, diuretic, sedative

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Bay Leaves

bay shrub

Common Names:  Bay Laurel, Sweet Bay, True Laurel

Botanical Name:  Laurus nobilis

Family:  Lauraceae

Bay Leaves, there are two popular types — Mediterranean and Californian.

The Mediterranean is milder in flavor. Bay leaves are usually used dry  to reduce some of their bitterness, but can be used fresh too. Commonly used in classic chicken soup, some compounds in bay leaves may help relieve upset stomachs.


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Basic Lip Balm

DSCN6451 - Copy.jpg

This is my favorite lip balm recipe. You can make it basic or make any changes your wish.

Basic Recipe:

• 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil or other oil (like here)
• 2 teaspoons grated beeswax (you can use a pure beeswax candle for this)
• 1 Vitamin E capsule (400 IU) or 1/4 teaspoon oil • essential oil or variations (opt.) (see below)


Place the oil and wax in a heatproof cup (such as a heavy glass measuring cup.) Poke a hole in the Vitamin E capsule and squeeze its liquid into the oil and wax mixture. Place the heatproof cup in a pot of water on the stove and heat on low just until the wax melts.

I like to use this electric candle warmer.  It’s easy and a small glass measuring cup works great, but it does melt a little slower.

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Milk Thistle Seeds


Milk thistle seeds has many benefits to the liver! Your liver is what does a great deal of the detoxing in your body and when your liver isn’t in top notch condition, this can affect the whole body.

Any detox plan you undertake should always have your liver in mind. Milk thistle is also great for your digestive system, so you can help your liver remove toxins from within your body, and then allow your digestive system to kick them out of your body. The active compound in milk thistle is called silymarin, a natural liver protector and supporter. Who doesn’t need some of that in their life?! The seeds of this plant have been used for at least 2,000 years to help protect health cells in the body, encourage the production of new cells, and stop inflammation in the body, especially of the liver.

Milk thistle extract is so powerful; it can actually help those with liver diseases.

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